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The USP/COFECUB program is a partnership between the University of São Paulo and the Comité Français d´Evaluation de la Coopération Universitaire avec le Brésil, which is supported by the Foreign Relations and Education Ministries of France.

At USP, the USP/COFECUB Program is jointly conducted by the Provost’s Offices for Research and Post-Graduation Studies and by the International Cooperation Commission.

It provides resources for visits of French missions to USP and Brazilian missions to the partnering institutions (Universities, Centers, Research Institutes) in France.

Each country is responsible for the tickets and accommodation expenses of its researchers. Round-trip tickets (USP-Partner Institution), within the limit of 2 (two) missions per year will be paid for by the Provost’s Office for Research.

The aim of this Program is to establish and invigorate French-Brazilian scientific exchange.

Selected projects will be financed, as regards the items mentioned above, for a period of two years, which may be extended for two years, subject to approval by both the French and Brazilian committees.

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